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Serolab is a highly regarded specialty blood testing laboratory that performs RAST testing for the diagnosis of Allergy. Our company was among the first laboratories of this type established in the late 1970s.

  • CLIA licensed laboratory.
  • Participates in College of American Pathology on-going proficiency testing.
  • Laboratory is headed up by an MD Laboratory Director.
  • Personnel managing the company have a wealth of experience and history in the diagnosis and treatment of Allergies.
  • Experienced support staff can offer expert consultation on the selection of allergens for testing in any given geographic area.
  • Offers cost-effective Allergy screening test profile for specific IgE by utilizing a “mini-screen” consisting of 11-15 allergens.
  • Screening panels can be custom designed for use on all patients or can be selected according to each patient’s history.
  • Facilitates the ordering of treatments sets (based on individual patient test results) for immunotherapy.
  • Serving customers throughout the United States.

We welcome the opportunity to share our experience in RAST testing and treating from RAST test results to assist in identifying and treating allergic patients.

Serolab can help you:

  • Research Allergy pollen producing plants in your region.
  • Provide patient information pamphlets for your allergic patients.
  • Choose allergens for RAST testing.
  • Evaluate screen results.
  • Choose allergens to be tested to complete the patient work-up.
  • Evaluate the final test results.
  • Formulate Allergy treatment from RAST test scores.
  • With the dosing regimen by providing you with reference literature.
  • By billing Medicare/Medicaid/Insurance carriers directly for your patients.