Serum Collection & Handling

Serum Collection & Handling

Collection Requirements

Total IgE

1.0 ml serum

RAST Allergens

1.5 ml serum/10 allergens

Candida albicans

1.0 ml serum


2.0 ml serum

IgG, IgA, or IgM

1.0 ml serum

IgG Subclass Panel

3.0 ml serum

Serolab Volume Guide

Sample Handling

  • Draw sufficient blood by venipuncture to yield the necessary volume of serum.
    NOTE: Whole blood will yield about 40% serum or plasma.
  • Let stand at room temperature 30 minutes – 1 hour until blood clots.
  • Centrifuge to separate cells from the serum. If a centrifuge is not available,
  • place blood in a refrigerator and allow clot to retract overnight; then carefully decant serum.
  • Place serum in a plastic vial.
  • Label vial with patient’s name, DOB, Physician’s name and draw date.
  • Store under refrigeration until shipping.

Serum Shipping

Complete the appropriate information on the test request form. If Medicare/Medicaid or Insurance billing, complete the appropriate information on the reverse side of the test request form. Enclose the test request form in the shipping container with the serum. The patient’s serum must be sent in the Serolab shipping containers.

Additional Testing

In some cases, a Physician may want to request additional laboratory tests after the initial tests have been performed. The patient’s serum not used for the initial test is stored for four months at Serolab. Additional testing can be ordered by calling or faxing Serolab and providing the patient’s name, accession number,and additional test(s) to be performed.